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Student Council Support
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Student Council Club


We, the Coronado Student Council members will lead our school by keeping the school clean and safe, helping students be respectful and responsible and making the playground a better and safer place.

Roles and Responsibilities





Vice President






3rd - 5th grade representatives


Our Current Student Council

President-Mariana Pedroza

Vice President-Allison Erickson

Treasurer-Sol Loya

Secretary-Mireya Sauceda-Gonzalez

5th grade representatives:

Mauro Castro-Mendoza

Elia Pizarro-Krichels

4th grade representatives:

Lucas Griego

Keilany Baca

3rd grade representatives:

Liliana Sanchez

Alexis Erickson

Aspen Greibel

Supporting teachers:

Lauren Gutierrez

HariKirtan Khalsa

Juan Ortega