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Contact Yesenia Avila  Yesenia Avila EA
Contact Leticia Cuevas  Leticia Cuevas Teacher
Contact Maria De La Torre  Maria De La Torre Teacher
Contact Yadira Mendoza  Yadira Mendoza Teacher
Contact Grisela Palacios  Grisela Palacios EA
Contact Bertha Rodriguez  Bertha Rodriguez EA
1st Grade
Contact Carlos Barron Corvera  Carlos Barron Corvera EA
Contact Mary Haney  Mary Haney Teacher
Contact Otilio Ruiz Garcia  Otilio Ruiz Garcia Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Alejandra Antillon  Alejandra Antillon Teacher
Contact Monica Charles  Monica Charles Teacher
Contact Daniel Espinoza  Daniel Espinoza Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Adriana Almeida  Adriana Almeida Teacher
Contact Richard Robles  Richard Robles Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Harikirtan Khalsa  Harikirtan Khalsa Teacher
Contact Jecholia Koelling  Jecholia Koelling Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Araceli Granados  Araceli Granados Teacher
Contact Valeria Woodard  Valeria Woodard Teacher
Special Ed
Contact Melissa Elliott  Melissa Elliott EA
Contact Lloyd Tapia  Lloyd Tapia EA
Contact Melanie Zuniga  Melanie Zuniga Teacher
Contact Helen Stein  Helen Stein Teacher of Gifted Students
Contact Mark Yoder  Mark Yoder Physical Education Teacher
Contact Armando Reyes  Armando Reyes (505) 843-8283 ex: 22913 Sys Admin
Contact Nathaniel Kuster  Nathaniel Kuster (505) 843-8283 ex: 22901 Principal
Contact Mattalin Baca  Mattalin Baca (505) 843-8283 ex: 22900 Clerk
Contact Miramon Garcia  Miramon Garcia Head Custodian
Contact Annette Jaramillo  Annette Jaramillo (505) 843-8283 ex: 22904 Secretary
Contact Claudia Palacios-jaurequi  Claudia Palacios-jaurequi Custodian
Contact Judy Marjerison  Judy Marjerison (505) 843-8283 ex: 21910 Health Assistant
Contact Ara Romero  Ara Romero (505) 843-8283 ex: 21910 Nurse
Contact Meredith Bunting  Meredith Bunting Librarian
Contact Loralie Bustos Aragon  Loralie Bustos Aragon Teacher
Resolution Advocate
Contact Mildred Ramthun  Mildred Ramthun Staff
Dean of students
Contact Victoria Otero  Victoria Otero Staff
Contact Cerrie Jurado  Cerrie Jurado EA