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Alheli Baca Locker

Alheli Baca


Hello Coronado Family,


I am delighted to be back and start our SY 2022/2023. 

We bases our school program on the American School Counseling Association National Standards, which focus on the physical, social, intellectual, emotional and vocational growth of each student. This program is accomplished through curriculum guidance in the classroom, small group, and short-term individual counseling.

This year I will be implementing the following lessons in our classrooms.

Kindergarten; Child abuse prevention and safety skills (The Child Safety Curriculum) 

1st Grade; Conflict resolution (Kelso’s K curriculum)

2nd Grade; Friendship skills

3rd Grade; Social Media/ Sexual abuse prevention

4th Grade; Conflict resolution (Kelso’s 4th grade curriculum)

5th Grade; Peer pressure, vaping, transitioning to middle school.


Short-term counseling and support are offered to students who are facing family or life transitions. If a student, parent or guardian wishes more formal and regular therapeutic counseling services, I can make a referral to our in house community mental health provider or community agencies.


We also have our Health & Wellness Team. Our goal is to explore the needs of our students from a holistic approach, help eliminate barriers and find the necessary support to see our students succeed in all the different areas. Meetings are scheduled as needed every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. (virtual meetings are an option)

I am available Monday through Friday 8:00 to 3:00 pm. I encourage students, parents and staff to visit or call me with any questions or concerns. I am here to support the Coronado Family.

Gracias/Thank you!!


Alheli Baca, MA., LPCC, NCE

Coronado Elementary School Counselor

505 843-8283 ext. 5